Day 26

Day 26

Old Legs 2018 Tour. 
Blog Entry 42 - Day 26

I am writing yesterday’s blog at 03.42 today. Inspiration was in short supply last night on account of the fact I was knackered.

Our ride in from the top of Pienckenier’s  Kloof Pass to Paarl was 140 km. Unfortunately someone sent my legs a memo that yesterday would be a half day off. Alas. 

We camped at Kardoesie right at the very top of the pass. The manager Lelanie, would not let us pay when she heard what the Old Legs Tour was all about. The view we enjoyed from the top of the mountain at sunset was stunning and well worth the 45 minute slog up there on our bikes. And the hot showers we enjoyed were even better, the best on Tour yet. 

Ryan rode with us and almost died on the climb. He is starting to find some rhythm on his bike. He’s logged over 400 kms with us. When first he started, his riding rhythm was very well hidden. Ryan is a man with boundless energy and enthusiasm and that makes for a hectic ride. 

We were joined on the road by Jeremy Borg from Painted Wolf Wines, our only South African sponsors and our host for the night in Paarl. Jeremy and Emma opened up their lovely home in Paarl to us. Thank you. 

 Jeremy rode 100 kms with us through some picture post card pretty scenery. It was a lovely ride with the remnants of the Cederberg mountains to our left. For the first time in three weeks I rode with an absolute absence  of pressure. I knew for sure that that I was actually going to be riding into Cape Town on the morrow. 

Below some stand out numbers associated with the Old Legs Tour

3168 - the distance we’ve ridden 252 - the number of hours spent in the saddle. 
242 - the combined ages of the riding group.
72 - Bruce Fivaz’s age. Bruce is a national treasure. Hanging out with Badger on his push bike has been my best thing ever. 
70 - Neal Leach’s age. I have nothing but the hugest respect for Leachie. If I am half as strong and half as fit when I’m 70, I’ll be happy. 
1800 - the number of Zimbabwean pensioners supported by ZANE, BHN and Pensioners Aid. Without their help, they would otherwise starve. 
2600 - the number of young lives changed through ZANE’s club foot correction program. 
55000 - the number of dollars we hope to raise. 
0000 - The last stand out number is the bunch of zeroes that most Zimbabwean pensioners have been left with after a lifetime of hard work and 38 years of ruinous Mugabe economics.  A generation that helped build and shape a nation have been left destitute and need your help. 

If you would like to help please follow the donate prompts on our Facebook page or on www.oldlegstour, Or contact me at

Reluctantly I had to go into my kitbag last night to look for a Zimbabwe flag to fly behind our bikes when we ride to the Vista Marina tomorrow. Whilst rooting around in the deepest darkest recesses, I found my favorite head torch, lost these last 26 days. It still worked. I switched the torch on and found my broken saddle bag complete with the Ezytrack ‘Where is Chicken Legs’ tracking device. I think the thing that now lives in the bottom of my kit bag thieved it back in Brandvlei, damaging the battery pack in the process. My puncture repair kit though is still missing. I think it has been eaten. 

With Grant Weare’s help from afar, the tracking device is working again and courtesy of our sponsors Ezytrack, you will be able to follow the Old Legs into Cape Town tomorrow. 

As soon as I finish the ride, I’ve decided I am going to get organized and clean out my kitbag. I’m hoping maybe I’ll find our long missing DSTV remote. 

In closing I need to thank our sponsors Jeremy and Emma at Painted Wolf Wines, Andy Laing at Fawcett Security  for their support. And lastly thanks to Antonio at AMA for fixing our bike trailer at the last minute. 

Tomorrow’s blog will be my last of the 2018 Old Leg’s Tour. Thank you for sharing our amazing adventure. 

Until then, enjoy and pedal if you can

Eric Chicken Legs de Jong.

ZANE donations a few facts and figures

ZANE donations a few facts and figures

The saying goes every penny counts. Did you know a small $60 donation will pay for a six month supply of medicine to treat high blood pressure? Have a look at what your donation to our cause ZANE will help cover.

Cape Town Is Calling

Cape Town Is Calling

Cape Town is certainly calling! Perhaps this song by Ossie could be our theme track for the 3,200km we have to cover? 

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TOTAL RAISED $ 8,050.00