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Starting on April 7th from Cresta Lodge Harare, 2018 Old Legs Tour from Harare to Cape Town will cover 3,168km in 27 days. The tour will be a great challenge and is only 185km less than the 2018 edition of the Tour De France. The route through Botswana will have a total ascent of 11321m (3.6 m per km) and 12704m (4.0 m per km) decent. Three rest days will be enjoyed along the route and the riders will average 132km per day.

Where's Chicken Legs?

Huge kudos to EzyTrack, Zimbabwe’s leading GPS Monitoring Company and inventor of ‘Where's Chicken Legs?’ the world’s least riveting spectator sport and even more boring than watching paint dry. EzyTrack are putting one of their too clever tracking devices on Eric's bicycle so the world can see exactly how slowly he rides.

Day 1 - April 7th - Harare > Kadoma

153.999km with a total of 739m climbing and descent of 1091m

Day 2 - April 8th - Kadoma > Gweru

150.762km with a total of 1181m climbing and descent of 975m

Day 3 - April 9th - Gweru > Bulawayo

169.157km with a total of 1085m climbing and descent of 1051m

Day 4 - April 10th - Rest Day In Bulawayo

Day 4 - April 10th - Rest day in Bulawayo

Day 5 - April 11th - Bulawayo > Plumtree

97.690km with a total of 629m climbing and descent of 635m

Day 6 - April 12th - Plumtree > Francistown

96.900km with a total of 336m climbing and descent of 747m

Day 7 - April 13th - Francistown > Topisi

126.900km with a total of 679m climbing and descent of 607m

Day 8 - April 14th - Topisi > Palapye > Mahalapye

107.455km with a total of 453m climbing and descent of 483m

Day 9 - April 15th - Mahalapye > Lephephe > Sojwe

161.626km with a total of 706m climbing and descent of 690m

Day 10 - April 16th - Sojwe > Gabarone

152.394km with a total of 702m climbing and descent of 743m

Day 11 - April 17th - Rest Day In Gaborone

Day 11 - April 17th - Rest day in Gaborone

Day 12 - April 18th - Gabarone > Jwaneng

160.579km with a total of 1090m climbing and descent of 893m

Day 13 - April 19th - Jwaneng > Khakhea

142.574km with a total of 435m climbing and descent of 579m

Day 14 - April 20th - Khakhea > Makopong RSA

117.563km with a total of 528m climbing and descent of 579m

Day 15 - April 21th - Makopong RSA > Springbokpan

152.523km with a total of 616m climbing and descent of 637m

Day 16 - April 22nd - Springbokpan > Hotazel

123.822 km with a total of 690m climbing and descent of 603m

Day 17 - April 23rd - Hotazel > Kuruman

78.499 km with a total of 871m climbing and descent of 544m

Day 18 - April 24th - Kuruman > Olifantshoek

85.047 km with a total of 622m climbing and descent of 771m

Day 19 - April 25th - Olifantshoek > Upington

166.096 km with a total of 1107m climbing and descent of 1564m

Day 20 - April 26th - Upington > Kentardt

110.887 km with a total of 710m climbing and descent of 722m

Day 21 - April 27th - Kentardt > Brandvlei

142.102 km with a total of 864m climbing and descent of 738m

Day 22 - April 28th - Brandvlei > Calvinia

149.139 km with a total of 883m climbing and descent of 814m

Day 23 - April 29th - Rest Day In Calvinia

Day 23 - April 29th - Rest Day In Calvinia

Day 24 - April 30th - Calvinia > Tankwa Karoo National Park

116.361 km with a total of 641m climbing and descent of 1317m

Day 25 - May 1st - Tankwa Karoo National Park > Ceres

156.024 km with a total of 1560m climbing and descent of 1422m

Day 26 - May 2nd - Ceres > Wellington

93.466 km with a total of 954m climbing and descent of 1184m

Day 27 - May 3rd - Wellington > Cape Point

132.476 km with a total of 1408m climbing and descent of 1514m

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TOTAL RAISED $ 8,050.00