Day 2 - April 8th - Kadoma > Gweru

Route Information

Start Kadoma Golf Club
Finish Antelope Park, Gweru
Accomotation Camping at Antelope Park
Length 150.762 km
Terrain Mixed
Ascent 1181m (7.8 m per km)
Descent 975m (6.5 m per km)


Points of Interest



Gweru (called Gwelo until 1982) is a city near the centre of Zimbabwe. It is the administrative capital of the Midlands Province, one of ten provinces in Zimbabwe. It became a municipality in 1914 and achieved city status in 1971. The name changed from Gwelo to Gweru in 1982. Before becoming a municipality, Gweru was known as "The Steep Place" after the Gweru river's high banks when it was first settled by the Matabele. Founded in 1894 by Dr. Leander Starr Jameson, modern Gweru was initially established as a military outpost.

The Nalatale and Danangombe archaeological enclosures lie nearby, the former known for its patterned brickwork, the latter for its Portuguese remains. The remains at these sites date back to as early as the Torwa state during the 17th century, the most substantial being a four hundred-year-old stone wall decorated with motifs known to the tradition of stone-building in Zimbabwe. The surrounding area has rich deposits of gold, chrome, iron, asbestos and platinum and supports several mines.

Gweru is known for vibrant farming activities in beef cattle, crop farming, and commercial gardening of crops for the export market.

Camping at Antelope Park

Known as one of Southern Africa’s Most Intriguing Destinations, winners of the 2016 World Travel Award for ‘Zimbabwe’s Best Private Game Reserve’ as well as the 2013 AZTA ‘Environmental Award’, Antelope Park is a unique and diverse destination; dedicated both to giving guests an unparalleled experience and to the preservation of our environment.

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