The Old Legs Tour is a group of middle-aged verging on bloody ancient social bike riders who pedal their mountain bikes every year from Harare to somewhere ridiculously far away, to raise money and awareness for 🇿🇼 Zimbabwean pensioners. Normally there are lots of hills involved.

Because things on the ground going into 2021 are tougher than ever for the pensioners, the Old Legs has to keep on riding. We have no choice. This year we will ride our toughest Tour yet; the Silverback Tour, which will take us 3000 km from Harare to Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest to find the gorillas in the mist. We will be on the road for 30 days and 3020 km, climbing 36,000 meters, riding through Africa’s wildest and most rugged parts. The oldest member of our riding group will be 72, living proof that you are never too old to do epic.

We will be 10 riders with 6 support team members, including 2 photographers tasked with capturing every grueling kilometer. Our route will take us through Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. We’ll ride through Zambia’s iconic Luangwa National Park, through Chief Chitambo’s village where David Livingstone’s heart is buried, and on to Ujiji where Stanley spoke those words “Dr Livingstone I presume.” We’ll ride alongside Lake Victoria in Tanzania, through the hills and past the volcanic lakes of Rwanda and finally on to Uganda’s Impenetrable Forest and the gorillas. (As I type, half of me is thinking it is not a clever idea to ride 3000 km plus many hills to get up close and personal with animals that I will no doubt be very scared of.

Please join us on our adventure. Follow us up through Africa on and on here Facebook. But please be warned, we ride slower than paint dries.

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