Spinning Yarn

Todays training ride ended at The Yarn Barn Chisipite. Rowena Melrose and her group of delightful ladies gathered to present OLT with their labour of love – crochet and knitted patchwork blankets for onward donation to our struggling pensioners. That’s why OLT exists. The Yarn Barners are in their third year of making patchwork blankets for OLT to hand out.

Don’t think these ladies aren’t competitive either- they have matched us square for km every year. This year they have us in trouble- already on 1200 patches – we haven’t even started! I was sitting next to Diana who was whipping up another patch – a ladylike way of twisting the blade and dropping us another km behind – her needles were a blur, the square of yarn growing miraculously whilst thoughts of the OLT mantra “we ride slower than paint dries” rang out loud. Pop onto the Yarn Barn , Chisipite sometime and check it out.

We were gifted 41 blankets by a group of ladies headed up by Hope, Geraldine, Wendy and Mac, and coordinated by the Yarn Barn in Chisipite, that will be distributed to pensioners at the Salvation Army!

Inspire, mobilise and advance the Old Legs movement! ❤️

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