Al Watermeyer

Al Watermeyer, born in Mutare in March 1949 (a vintage year to be sure – have you ever met a dud?). I hated riding my bike to school every day and was delighted to give it to our cook when I finished at Prince Edward School. I made a firm promise I would never ever ride a bike again – but in 2010 my brother and Ant Mellon shamed me into a Blue Cross and an Argus and I have spent a fair bit of time in the saddle since then. I take credit for helping Eric get the bike bug by gently helping him enjoy the first few days of a Blue Cross – although after he broke the bike I had lent him, had soiled the loo roll I lent him, and then coughed in his dust as he sped up to the Nyangani car park, that credit felt like a double edged-sword. 2019 is the year I turn 70 and I am keen to finally come of age – a 2,700km ride from Harare to Kili fits the bill perfectly. And if that ride helps us get in a bunch of money for the needy in Zim, it’s nothing short of a double bonus.