Alan Rheeder

Alan Pic

Alan Rheeder is 42 years old, and while living in Johannesburg at present he was born and bred in Zimbabwe. Alan left Zimbabwe to study at Rhodes University in the mid nineties and after a 4-year degree in Fine Art Photography he returned to Zimbabwe for a short period. The lure of his South African girlfriend (now wife) and the economic situation in Zim made staying there very difficult, so with a heavy heart he left to start a life in South Africa in 2001. Alan has a wonderful family with wife, Sandy and two sons, Daniel & Jonathan.

Alan only started cycling in 2014 as a necessity to compete in a triathlon he had entered, but has really come to love cycling in the years since. Although fairly new to cycling he has been involved in various endurance sports for some years. Alan’s original love was always running, and over the years he has completed many marathons as well as many ultra marathons, including 2 x Comrades Marathons and 2 x Two Oceans Marathons. He has also competed in many other events including Half Ironman triathlons, and many multi-stage events for trail runs, MTB races and canoeing.

When Alan became aware of the second edition of the Old Legs Tour he knew he had to be a part of it, not only because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to cycle through Africa, but also because of the plight of the Zimbabwean pensioners. Like many others, Alan’s parents are victims of the catastrophic collapse of the Zim Dollar and the effect it has had on people’s pension funds. Alan immediately contacted David Whitehead, an old school friend and a co-founder of the Old Legs Tour, and begged to be part of the second edition. He feels, while the ride from Harare to Kilimanjaro is a truly daunting prospect, it promises to be a once in a lifetime experience and he is extremely honoured and excited to be a part of this great initiative.