Carol Joy Church

Carol Joy Church, our Old Legs Tour member from Germany.

Carol Joy Church, 39, born in Mutare and raised in Mutare and Harare, has been living in Germany for the past 18 years. In Zimbabwe cycling was not part of her life, but music – specifically piano and cello – was. After studying music therapy in Germany, she began working at a hospital in a picturesque but hilly area on the east of the Ruhr Region. Here, influenced by local attitudes regarding environmental awareness, she decided against becoming a car owner, leaving bike owner and bike user as the logical alternative. Thus began her journey into the joys, possibilities and straightforwardness of cycling, a no-brainer in the combination of transport, fitness, and relaxation. Some considered her daft.


In 2015 she learnt of the Blue Cross and was immediately attracted to this perfect way of holidaying in Zim. During this adventure she met fellow Old Legs To Be – Eric de Jong and Al Watermeyer. After a second run of the Blue Cross in 2018 full of beautiful country and immense climbs she is thrilled to be joining the Old Legs Tour 2019 whilst also in awe of the huge number of training hours to be spent on the saddle in the next few months.