Dave Whitehead


Dave asks you to donate generously to the old age pensioners, they built Zimbabwe and a large number of them have seen their pensions and savings go to ruin.

Read your bible & ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike…

2020 So far…

Distance 4,632.0 km
Time 184h 35m
Elev Gain 38,464 m
Rides 140


Distance 8,059.6 km
Time 386h 50m
Elev Gain 73,299 m
Rides 155


Distance 13,086.0 km
Time 618h 57m
Elev Gain 86,111 m
Rides 339


Distance 11,376.1 km
Time 598h 9m
Elev Gain 83,013 m
Rides 327


Distance 6,266.2 km
Time 339h 17m
Elev Gain 44,819 m
Rides 206