Greenhouse Technologies


Greenhouse Technologies is a thriving entity specialising in Greenhouse related products. This includes greenhouse plastics, peat moss, coir, irrigation systems and Dutch technology.

Our founder, Francois de Kock, saw an opportunity in 2007 to open this company. On the 1st of September the company was officially opened with Francois starting out as a lone ranger. It was only himself as an employee in his garage in Krugersdorp. He grew the business gradually, with our first warehouse being opened in City Deep at the Multi-Flora Market. Since then, Francois has grown and expanded the business into what we see today. We’re now known as one of the market leaders in the greenhouse film and growing mediums industry with about 30 employees nationwide.

Products on offer to the landscaping industry include Greenhouse Film/Plastic, where we offer a variety of greenhouse film with different properties aiding all of the growers needs.

Another fantastic product is Coir (Coco Pith), which has now become a standard in the industry. It is a 100% organic growing medium and can be used to improve the structure of your growing medium. Better drainage and higher air-fill porosity is just one of the many benefits. We provide Coir in different percentage mixtures varying from 100% Coco Pith to 60/40 mixed with chips. This makes it easy to get the correct air-fill porosity and drainage ratio for our clients’ specific needs.

Our Irrigation systems are imported from Israel using Rivulis. Rivulis provides a wide range of Landscaping products including drip lines (brown & green ), Supertif button drippers, filters and valves.

We also supply Peat moss imported from Lithuania. The world’s leading Peat Moss manufacturer, Klasmann-Deilmann, is the brand on offer. What makes Peat moss so fantastic is that it has a much higher water retention capacity and a stable chemical composition. This means that the amount of times you need to water the plants is minimized. Peat Moss also gives you more security due to its quality.

All of these products are certified and tested off site and arrive at Greenhouse Technologies ready to go. Our Peat Moss is tested in Lithuania, Coir-Cocopeat is imported from India (where each container has been tested) and our film is imported from Israel. Francois makes sure that the factories where our products are manufactured have done all of the necessary tests before products are imported. He visits these factories to ensure the quality and most importantly to maintain relationships with our foreign investors. These foreign investors ensure continuity and healthy growth for the business.

When asking Francois what makes Greenhouse Technologies unique to our industry he stated, ‘My core belief is in growing with my customers, I believe that if you invest in your customers, they will invest in you.’

What makes our company unique is that we wants to give you the best possible product for your individual need. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, where a sale doesn’t end at point of sale—the after service is just as important.

Giving our customer the best possible price, without undermining the quality of our products, is paramount. Juggling all of this whilst making sure we always have stock of the relevant items is what makes this operation a success.

In the future, we want to grow our export industry and have a more dominant footprint throughout the southern parts of Africa. We also want to supply specialised products for specialised growers in the future, making us the go-to people when it comes to growing in a greenhouse, the A-Z, one-stop facility that can give you the best possible service, with the best possible results.