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Marginpar BV was established in 1988 as one of the first flower import agents in The Netherlands. We were among the pioneers that introduced fresh cut flowers to African soils. With more than 25 years of experience in the cut flower industry, we can pride ourselves to be one of the leading suppliers of exclusive summer flower varieties.

Our flowers are produced in cooperation with growers in Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Through alliances with flower breeders we are able to offer our producers a selection of innovative varieties that are grown under exclusive licence.  In return we are able to offer flower breeders a reliable and diverse production base for their intellectual property, under the strict guidance of Marginpar. Through our unique partnerships with growers and breeders, we are able to offer the market a consistent supply of flowers that stand out in a colourful crowd.

The majority of our flower production is marketed and distributed through FloraHolland Flower Auctions. All these flowers are handled and prepared for sales through our efficient handling facility located in Aalsmeer, next to FloraHolland Auction. A dedicated team of people ensure that we offer high quality products to our customers. Our flowers are available year-round through Dutch wholesale distributors. For more information on availability please contact us directly.