Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is 58 years young, living on the Sunshine coast, North of  Brisbane Australia.  Born in Erith, London -England 1960 – moved to Rhodesia in 1974 with family as father worked for the paper mill in Norton.

Spent a short time as boarder at Malcom House / Ellis Robins high school for clever people, before realizing he had been lied to about  having the best education, and  left school after showing much enthusiasm for wine, women and song at the tender age 15. He was assured by the then Head Master, Mike Whiley that his life skills coming from London were far more advanced than any 15 year Rhodesian! He had the privilege of being his first boy expelled under his tenure. The rest is History.

Mark has wonderful family who were all born in Harare, Zimbabwe where they lived until 2004. Sue is the Matriarch of family with son Bradley & Lara (new wife) and Holly, the well-travelled one.

Mark started riding way back to compete in Triathlons  with another Old Legs rider, Adam Selby. It was at the ripe old age of 34 that Mark had to learn to swim to enter as an individual in many Triathlons held at Mount Pleasant pool and the Tinman club. He has competed in many standard Triathlons- Marathons/Half Marathons- 3 x Blue Cross rides, however many moons ago.

In one of many beer induced ideas on the Zambezi river while fishing, he drummed up the idea to Kayak the length of Kariba in 3 meter Kayak’s with Andrew Walsh and Pete Musto. 8 nights later and many a laugh, they landed in Milibizi after setting out from Kariba in Mid-July. Main trick was not to look like the underside of Crocodile as breeding season was about to start, and they had not mastered the crocodile dance yet!.

When Mark became aware of a second edition of the Old Legs Tour and after laughing many times at Eric De Jong blogs from the first tour, he thought it was  too good an opportunity to not participate. He feels privileged to be joining such a fantastic group of like minded individuals to help raise funds for the older generation through ZANE.

There are many ex- Zimbabweans living in Australia that are lucky enough to call Australia ‘ home’, however once you have lived in Africa you will always have a soft spot for old time sake.

Trust you will get fully behind them with helping out wherever you can in raising much needed funds for the Needy in Zimbabwe.